united Germany – (translation from the German – ed.)

(The link to the original article in German: http://einiges-deutschland.com/2017/03/10/warum-wir-eine-einigkeit-brauchen/ )

Why we need unity


above us is heaven – below us, no slaves

We are ending the illegal reinstitution of Roman slave-law, which, resulting from the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD, was abolished, and which the church and the Weimar Republic wished to reinstate. Therefore, since the Weimar Republic committed treason against the people by the theft of their identities [explained in § 8 – ed.], and this was assisted by political parties, especially the SPD (German Social Democrats) of the 1920’s, it must answer to the people.

no lies – no compromises 

The political parties are lying to us, when they say that they rightfully represent the majority.

Actually, due to voter participation and their membership numbers, the parties have always been a minority. Since special rights for political parties are not provided for by the German Civil Code 1918 [SDR (staatlichen deutschen Recht) 1918 https://de.m.wikisource.org/wiki/Kategorie:Deutsches_Reichsgesetzblatt_1918 – ed.], these are simply associations of individual persons, no more and no less. Political parties and legal persons are ineligible for election under German Civil Code of 1918 [SDR 1918 – ed.], it is for this reason that we are a voter society according to the General State Law of 1918.

Associations of individual persons, due to the absence of certificates of family origin and the absence of valid basis for election, have never been able to organize a legal public election in order to receive legitimization for their action and are, therefore, as emergency managers/directors, held personally and unconditionally responsible.

For this reason, they [said associations – ed.] have been lying to the people for a hundred years concerning the people’s actual rights and their actual nationality, and, as a result of this identity-theft, have hindered the naturalization of their descendants. This is highly criminal according to International Law of Armed Conflict.

unity – all power issues from the people

The German Constitution/Basic Law [Artikel 25 GG = Grundgesetz – ed.], by means of Article 25, allows for, under the application of International Law of Armed Conflict, which has precedence over German federal law, the application of the Hague Land Warfare Convention. Article 28 of the German Constitution/Basic Law allows for self-administration by means of free civil communities according to the German Civil Code as it existed until 10-27-1918 23:59:59 o’clock, hereafter referred to as German Civil Code of 1918 [SDR 1918 – ed.].

According to International Law, that which applies in the capitol applies in the whole country. Therefore, Prussian General State Law [allgemeine deutsche Landrecht (ALR) von Preussen, byname of Allgemeines Landrecht, (“General State Law”) – ed.] applies, according to Article 43 of the Hague Land War Convention [Hager Landkriegs Ordnung (HLKO) – ed.], in the whole country. This is not the case for constructions by political parties (German Federal Republic – GFR), and not the case for constructions by banks (EU), since these, according to General State Law, are simply legal persons, therefore, corporations, and have no civil legitimization.

The secret and illegal establishment of a legal person (activated status as personnel) upon a free human is fraud and slavery. Slavery is, according to the Geneva Convention, in a depository state, forbidden in all forms, and, additionally, according to German Civil Code, treason against the people and will be severely punished by the state when it becomes capable of acting, once again.

Those responsible at registration offices, who have defied German Civil Code 1918 can actually inform themselves in the Imperial penal code book concerning that which awaits them, if they do not delete the status of legal personhood immediately upon receipt of R11 , delete the identity card from the system and reinstate the legal status of German according to Imperial and Nationality Law [RuStaG – Reichs- und Staatsangehoerigkeitsgesetz – ed.] and file for the resource endowment by the occupying forces and quote the resource endowment as credit line in Imperial Marks with an exchange rate from 10. 27. 1918 in refined gold. It is possible to reckon what the costs of occupation actually are in refined gold from the daily quotes from the ECB and the Federal Bank, and, to ascertain as to when it will be less expensive to reinstate the legal capacity of the Empire, because a citizen of the German Federation has the right to resource endorsement retroactive the time of birth in one of the federal states as the descendant of a German.

Resource endorsement is to be claimed as costs of occupation, in accordance with the constitution, resulting from the legal incapacity of the state caused by the occupying power, because the occupying power removed the legal government of the Empire, by means of its SHAEF/SMAD (Supreme Allied Expeditionary Forces/ Orders of the Soviet Military Administration in Germany) laws,

(https://archive.org/stream/SHAEF_Law_EN-DE.pdf/SHAEF_Law_EN-DE#page/n0/mode/2up) (https://staatenlos.info/images/faltblaetter/Faltblatt_englisch.pdf) (https://deinerechte.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/shaef-gesetz_nr-67.pdf) (https://www.archives.gov/research/guide-fed-records/groups/331.htmls)

just as did Hitler, and has not reinstated said government. Therefore, the occupying power is responsible for the results of these actions, and this until the state, by means of the election of an administrator has, once again, legal capacity and can accept responsibility for these costs. It is written in the Civil Law [Grundgesetz] that the Federation (a construct of a political party) is responsible for the costs of occupation, not the German people – the people only elect the general partner – the political parties.

We did not become a political party precisely for this reason, but, instead, only meet the requirements for parliamentary elections.

As a consequence of the FRG having full-liability, Civil Law can only ever recognize the FRG (BRG) as the FRG, that is, as the successor firm to the Weimar Republic, as putsch government and enemy-state, but only according to the Armistice of Compiègne, which the Weimar Republc signed.

Proof: Compare the Emperor’s Eagle to the eagle of the Weimar Republic [link and jpg below] on the falsified national identity card (yellow certificate [gelber Schein – link and jpg below]) and the registration of the founding of the Weimar Republic in English Maritime Law, forbidden (canonic) roman slavery law in modern dress, but, which is, according to (HLKO) Hague Land War Order and the Geneva Convention, precisely in the tribal territory of the Varus (Armenius) Battle, since 9 AD, due to the continued validity of General State Law [the byname of which is Prussian Civil Law – deutsches Allgemeines Landrecht – ALR] 1918 (SDR 1918), illegal under International Law.

[ https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/da/Coat_of_arms_of_Germany.svg/184px-Coat_of_arms_of_Germany.svg.png

Weimar Republic eagle, 1928-1933: ….(image not present – ed.)]

[ https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Datei:Staatsangehoerigkeitsausweis_Deutschland.jpg&filetimestamp=20110808160133& ]

national identity card – since 08.28. 2007 (?):

Link to larger example: http://www.verwaltungsvorschriften-im-internet.de/pdf/BMI-V6125134.1-19910924-KF2-649-A006.pdf ]

Every county, every city, which had, before 07.22.1913, already been adjudicated to have been self-administrating by the emperor, and before this date was already an independent town, may even claim, at any time and without permission from the district administration, by means of the applicability of (ALR – allgemeines Landrecht) Prussian Civil Code, independent administration with all rights and responsibilities as a sovereign city-state. It may even establish a customs border, with all visa laws, with no-fly zones, and avoid migration and occupation, which the FRG (Germany) and the EU, due to the Armistice of Compiègne, must strictly observe. Since the SHAEF-Law 52 releases all Federal State citizens, above all those from Central Germany, where SHAEF-Law 52 never applied in the first place, from unlawful “supervision of assets” and compulsory deregistration from the Weimar Republic (so-called “Reichsbuerger” – citizens of the Reich ) [in an attempt to suppress this information from reaching the general German public, the German government currently deprecates, and even attempts to persecute, persons, who examine the legality of said government, by referring to them using the term “Reichsbuerger” – ed.], providing that the majority of the inhabitants agree, without reservation, to the Civil Law and to the Seal Right.

The reason the FRG is not interested in re-establishing the legal state and is not interested in allowing Central Germany to return to civil freedom, after the FRG’s legally impossible accession after the retroactive dissolution of the re-unification contract in 1991 and the deception of the people’s parliament by Kohl and Genscher on 07.18. 1990 is, most probably, due to the costs of such restitution which result from the FRG’s transgression against the Hague Land War Convention. It makes just as little sense to try to describe the Emperor as being Hitler, above all because the FRG, itself, misuses inapplicable National Socialist laws against its own people to justify its plundering of them.

We are the beneficiaries of this trust (The Treuhandanstalt [“Trust agency”], colloquially referred to as Treuhand, was an agency established by the government of the German Democratic Republic to privatize East German enterprises, Volkseigene Betriebe [VEBs] prior to the German reunification. : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treuhandanstalt -ed.) and have as the folk of the German Democratic Republic (GDR), [also known as East Germany – ed.] the right to redress from the fraudulent misappropriation of the national wealth by the Kohl government [Helmut Kohl, chancellor of West Germany during the re-unification. – ed.] and, due to voter fraud (103% voter participation), the unjust vassal government of the GDR – German Democratic Republic which continued during the complete duration of the German-reunification-process criminality and will use said right, because it is already existing law, which is not only employed by the GFR, by means of perversion of the course of justice, since the GDR had never acceded to the legal succession to the years 1933 – 1945, which would have been necessary for the disenfranchisement (deprivation of rights) of the ID card-holder occurring by the statment on said ID card of the nationality as being deutsch (adjective form of the word German in the German language – ed.), of which no one was informed, because during the re-unification, a fraud was being perpetrated by means of secret agreement.

Therefore, all Germans are poised between birth and the un-enacted administration of naturalization in their home regions and do not realize it.

It is for this reason that migrants who had been informed, before arrival [in Germany], by means of illegal publicity campaigns (another fraud) of the real situation in Germany, should now replace the German Peoples, and secretly so, because German State Law (SDR1918) and Germans’ property rights are set to expire on 10.28. 2017.

In addition, making the war criminals from ISIS into police and public officials is the epitome of treason, as preparations for an offensive war during an armistice is strictly forbidden according to international law of war. For this reason, Putin has offered his legal support if two million of the 4.2 million defrauded Germans possessing the (Gelben Schein) desire it. [what about Putin having offered military support?]

Our politicians have already actually applied for the complete expropriation, rights deprivation and depopulation of the German Peoples by the UN. It is already included in registration certificates as C4C, and, is being prepared by means of the inclusion of the symbol of the plundering eagle of the Weimar Republic, now also on the inside of the new red passport (formally joining the Weimar Republic) and signatures, which can be used for verification of one’s termination of one’s national citizenship, are being surreptitiously stolen by the electronic signature-pads used when one signs for one’s passport.

For these reasons, we can make no compromises, at all, concerning the subject of ascertaining the correct national citizenship and the prosecution, by means of the International Criminal Court, of those guilty of treason against the people, according to civil law. Complete compensation must ensue.

no party-dictatorship, no required media-subscription, no EU, no exorbitant taxation, no immigration, no toll-roads, no Versailles dictatorship, no war reparations, therefore, no occupation payments, etc. – the list of calamities resulting from the lies is extensive. 

The state (Emperor) has never been a part of the associations and agreements, which have enabled these plunderings against the people, therefore, every one of them is reversible.

finally – the king is responsible for protecting the people from their government

The function of a king is to determine of the guide-lines of the policies which serve the people, which the government is to implement without balking.

Further, the King represents the union of German states before other states and decides on clemency requests.

The monarchy and the people failed to support the Emperor and to repel the putsch against the Emperor and the people which was perpetrated by the Soldier’s Council and the (SPD) German Socialist Party on 28.10.1918.

Although both camps of putschists and their legal successors have, until today, repeatedly promised to pacify the nation and to stop the plundering and the sedition, they have always done exactly the opposite of that which they have promised. Their motto “war is peace” has become their guiding principle. Their spread fingers symbolize the following: say one thing, do another – this is the way it has been until the present. Members of government and even kings, who, under an intact monarchy had committed treason against the people, would have been accused and convicted of high treason – therefore, until the deposition of the Emperor, things went very well for the people. There were neither unemployment nor inflation. Slavery, famine, national debt, looting, hate, envy, petty bourgeois conformism and worse were first brought about by the Weimar Republic.

Had the people backed the king on 28.10.1918, the people would have been spared the unemployment and famine of the Weimar Republic and the resulting Second World War. This infidelity has been punished by the creator with one hundred years deprivation of rights and plundering at the hands of parliamentary talking-shops.

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