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On May 6, 1937 the German zeppelin Hindenburg burst into flames while docking at Lakehurst, New Jersey. The spectacular disaster brought an end to the airship era.

Hindenburg Crew Members Fleeing from Burning Hindenburg Airship

In March 2013, major news outlets reported that the calamity’s “true” cause had been identified. “The explosion that destroyed the Hindenburg was caused by static electricity,” said Reuters, based on a British documentary by TV host Jem Stansfield, who reached his conclusion by blowing up three model hydrogen airships.

Stansfield’s hypothesis fell short of excitement, however, since it was only a slight variant on the “static electricity” theory fed to the public for many decades. It was reminiscent of a 2002 Discovery Channel documentary which claimed the blowing up of the USS Maine – trigger of the Spanish-American War – was simply caused by an accidental coal bunker fire, though no other U.S. warship of that era exploded from such a cause. It also evoked the NTSB’s report that the 1996 destruction of TWA flight 800 over the Atlantic resulted merely from a short circuit igniting vapors in a fuel tank, despite many witnesses having reported a streak of light heading toward the plane prior to detonation.

The Hindenburg – another False Flag Intended to Provoke War


Robert Wilton, Russia’s Agony (1918) and The Last Days of the Romanovs (1920) incl. Ch 16.

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Robert Wilton, Russia’s Agony (1918) and The Last Days of the Romanovs (1920) incl. Ch 16.

Wilton was correspondent of the Times of London at St Petersburg.

Peter Myers, April 19, 2001; Chapter 16 of The Last Days of the Romanovs added April 28, 2017. Update September 21, 2018.

American Pravda: How Hitler Saved the Allies RON UNZ • MAY 13, 2019

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Eugenics is Everywhere – WhiteDate NET

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Eugenics is Everywhere

WhiteDate NET
Published on Apr 30, 2019

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The Commie Lesson

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The Commie Lesson

I ACTUALLY AM A VISITOR FROM ANOTHER PLANET. This is not too hard to believe, as my critics, who are many, will tell you without blushing that I am definitely something from another planet.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, I am told that you people spend somewhere approaching a quarter Trillion dollars a year (that’s 250 Billion with a “B” dollars per year) on a military establishment. And I was in the restaurant here, being from outer space, I was talking to this fellow, who told me he was a Christian, and he apparently thought this was great.

So I asked him, “why do you spend all this money?”

And he scratched his head, and said “Well gee, now that the Soviet Union is all dissolved, I don’ t know.”

I said “well, why did you used to spend a quarter Trillion dollars a year on your military establishment?” And he said “Oh! We wanted to defend ourselves from communism!”

And I asked “what is communism?”

And he said “Communism is a foreign and alien ideology that threatens by military force to impose itself over our objection and against our will.”

I thought that was kind of interesting, and I told him that I know a little something about communism, and I asked him if he knew what communism was and he said, “well, no”.

And I asked him if he had been trained in the public schools, and he said “yes.” So I walked him through the communist manifesto, as I will you now.

The communist manifesto was created by a fellow named Moses Mordecai Levi. You Americans out here know him a Karl Marx, he was the son of a rabbi, and I asked why this guy went by an alias? The discussion fairly quickly elevated to the status level of Battle-Stations Missle:

The Icelandic Solution

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The Icelandic SolutionWhen the Federal Reserve was quietly brought to power in 1913, Henry Ford was paying Ford Motor Co. assemblers $5.00 a day for wages. Compared to wages and living conditions 50 or 100 years before, it was a king’s wage.

The Icelandic Solution has been totally blacked-out—obliterated—by U.S. Lame-Stream Media. When the 2007 Economic Crises unfolded in the West, Iceland’s Parliment went bonkers and, in a National Referendum, put the crisis to a vote of the people:

A.           Let the banks collapse, take your whipping now, watch the economy fall apart or

B.           Borrow gobs and oodles more money from the banks and “kick the can down the road”. Pass the debts on to your Grandkids.

On Abortion In America Michael H Brown, & Peter Jon Simpson Covenantors Legal Education Association & Research c/o P O Box 211 Atwater Minnesota 56209-0211

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