What if the Celtic World United? by Masaman Published on Jul 14, 2019

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What if the Celtic nations united as a single country? What would it look like if some of the oldest and most influential nations on Earth were to unite?


How Norway Dealt With Antifa Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen #jomsviking #bjornandreasbullhansen #bullhansen

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Battle of Dallas – Wolf Age

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In this episode of Wolf Age Steven McNallen talks about the struggle to protect confederate monuments from being torn down in Dallas.

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The Battle of the Busk

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Free Speech Monika

Three years of battling with the bureaucrats of Jasper about busking and I have finally won! They probably wish they had never harassed me, or put obstacles in my way, and had just sold me the busking permit without fuss three years ago, and the negative attention from around the world would not have come their way.


Busking is the act of playing music in a public place for voluntary donations. Back in 2016, they determined that because of my “non-inclusive beliefs”, I should not have a busking license. Whatever those “non-inclusive beliefs” are (transcript of my video), what has it to do with fiddle music in the streets anyway? Absolutely nothing – but they made it matter, and they shone a light on it all, having had exactly the opposite effect as they anticipated or wanted.

There is a lot of background about this silly saga, which…

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Icebreaker – Who Started the Second World War?

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Myth of the 20th Century

Viktor Suvorov, author of over a dozen books on the inner workings of the Soviet military apparatus, from the Red Army to the Spetsnaz, put forward the earth shattering thesis in his work ‘Icebreaker’ that Hitler’s invasion of the USSR in 1941 was a pre-emptive strike designed to cut the legs out from under a Russian military machine that was gearing up to invade Europe and then the world. Although highly controversial in places like America, where the people are taught from birth about the triumph of WWII and the necessity of the conflict against Nazi Germany, Suvorov’s thesis has garnered much acclaim in many parts of Europe and even Russia, where the proximity to the reign of terror imposed by the Soviet regime still echoes and people look to explain why the allies seemed to unite with one of the most deadly empires the world has ever seen.


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Was Columbus secretly a Jew?

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Ode to Namantius

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