The Mysterious County Cavan Cult of #Brigid #Imbolc

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The Blacksmith in Irish Mythology

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Biography of Alison Marr

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Hitler’s Germany came closer to forcing peace terms on the Allies than has been so far admitted.  It is well known that in all fields of endeavour, from pharmaceuticals to transport, architecture, and aeronautics, the Workers Reich was at least 100 years ahead of the Allies.

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Hindsight reveals that had Germany poured its resources into defence rather than peaceful development then the salvation of the Reich would have been guaranteed. If for instance the Horten 229 had been deployed, this legendary aircraft would have totally changed the game during the Allied bombing war against Germany. This almost fully developed stealth aircraft…

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Ahnenerbe – Germanische Gebote / Ethik der Sagas – RE-UP

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Jews Attempt Last Minute Trickery to Stop Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee

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#wirsindmehr – Eine Party über Leichen (Livestream) Martin Sellner

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Schämt Euch, Ihr marxistische Völksverräter, bezahlt um gegen Euren Vaterland trojanische Pferde zu spielen… und das während den Vaterland sich im Kriegszustand noch findet!