ForeBears – A film by V. Vikernes and M. Cachet (FULL) – 2013

Marie Cachet
Published on Feb 25, 2014

Now, one year after the release of the ForeBears’ film, we have covered all our costs, so we are giving the whole film in HD on YouTube. We still have many DVDs, so if you like the film and want to support us or our work, please buy the DVD on our Web Shop:…

My books: “The Secret of the She-Bear” available on Amazon:

other books in English:

Paganism Explained Part I:…

and Part II:…

(other volumes are coming…)

My books in French:

Le secret de l’Ourse (2016):…

Le besoin d’impossible (2009):…

ForeBears’ DVD and other products on our Etsy Store:…

Music: Varg Vikernes:…

For the memory of our ForeBears, we must educate ourselves.
Please don’t let the hearts of our ForeBears be taken away from us!

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