The Icelandic Solution

The Icelandic SolutionWhen the Federal Reserve was quietly brought to power in 1913, Henry Ford was paying Ford Motor Co. assemblers $5.00 a day for wages. Compared to wages and living conditions 50 or 100 years before, it was a king’s wage.

The Icelandic Solution has been totally blacked-out—obliterated—by U.S. Lame-Stream Media. When the 2007 Economic Crises unfolded in the West, Iceland’s Parliment went bonkers and, in a National Referendum, put the crisis to a vote of the people:

A.           Let the banks collapse, take your whipping now, watch the economy fall apart or

B.           Borrow gobs and oodles more money from the banks and “kick the can down the road”. Pass the debts on to your Grandkids.

~ by affliction-magazinedotcom on May 14, 2019.

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