The Commie Lesson

The Commie Lesson

I ACTUALLY AM A VISITOR FROM ANOTHER PLANET. This is not too hard to believe, as my critics, who are many, will tell you without blushing that I am definitely something from another planet.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, I am told that you people spend somewhere approaching a quarter Trillion dollars a year (that’s 250 Billion with a “B” dollars per year) on a military establishment. And I was in the restaurant here, being from outer space, I was talking to this fellow, who told me he was a Christian, and he apparently thought this was great.

So I asked him, “why do you spend all this money?”

And he scratched his head, and said “Well gee, now that the Soviet Union is all dissolved, I don’ t know.”

I said “well, why did you used to spend a quarter Trillion dollars a year on your military establishment?” And he said “Oh! We wanted to defend ourselves from communism!”

And I asked “what is communism?”

And he said “Communism is a foreign and alien ideology that threatens by military force to impose itself over our objection and against our will.”

I thought that was kind of interesting, and I told him that I know a little something about communism, and I asked him if he knew what communism was and he said, “well, no”.

And I asked him if he had been trained in the public schools, and he said “yes.” So I walked him through the communist manifesto, as I will you now.

The communist manifesto was created by a fellow named Moses Mordecai Levi. You Americans out here know him a Karl Marx, he was the son of a rabbi, and I asked why this guy went by an alias? The discussion fairly quickly elevated to the status level of Battle-Stations Missle:

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