W.I.R. 1517-2017 – A communal initiative: Could this lead to the replacement of the unlawful government of the Federal Republic of Germany, Inc. and to the re-instatement of the lawful government of Germany?

W.I.R.- deutshes Kaiser Reich – Bild

W.I.R.- deutshes Kaiser Reich – Webseite

W.I.R. 1517-2017
Communal initiative: PERSON (not artificial-person) with HOMELAND and with
PEACE-TREATY (instead of Versailles ”Treaty for Peace”)
W.I.R. should be understood as the initials of W.ilhelm I.mperator R.ex (”Wir” can also
be understood as ”we” in German -.ed) and thereby as the
expression of the 26 Federal-STATES. With administrator, not emperor. This means:

1. W.I.R. are HUMANS, spiritual-divine moral beings, not PERSONNEL-ID-holders; these dead objects, NAME (instead of Family name) the so-called FRG (Federal Republic
of Germany -ed.) respectvely, the PHONY-(commercial-)State GERMANY under a camoufaged economic war-fare power: the US-Corporaton, Inc. 1871, the ”3-City-Empire”,
bul- as in proxy(interlocking system) wark. It is the ”trinity” War- and Financial-Power; 1. Church corporate-power (Vatcan since 1929), 2. Financial-Power (City of London),
3. Miltary-Power (Washington, D.C., since 1871).
2. W.I.R. want peace, an end to the, in 1914 begun, commerce-war with cannons und canonic dertermined Maritime (injustice) Law, untl today covertly contnued as
Globalisaton with Bio-Social-Geo-Engineering (radioactve contaminaton) and Codex Alimentarius (poisoning) by nazi-rooted-EU under ROMAN Treates!
3. W.I.R. want to preserve our homeland, to not allow us to be overrun by the ”avalanche of refugees” (W. Schäuble [Germany’s Federal Minister of Finance, CDU -ed.]),
but, instead, to also allow refugees to preserve their homelands, therefore, to rectfy the causes of war – with a peace-treaty. To atain this, it is not necessary to have an
emperor, rather an administrator, whom W.I.R. (we) have only to elect, W.I.R:
– The descendents ”of earlier German Nationals” according to Art. 116 GG (Grund Gesetz – Basic Law -ed.) and in connecton with further legal regulatons, the Imperial- and
Natonality Act (Reichs- und Staatsangehörigkeitsgesetz) from 22. 7. 1913, inacted: 1. 1. 1914.
– The transformers of ”Swords to Plows” (Isaiah 2:2-4) and the plasma-morphogenetic (neutrino-)field concertedly communally formative against everything ”MAKING
WAR” und Guilt, such as debt, fictons from the indulgence-sacrifice-PHONYsystem of the ”Babylonian Church” of Rome, as incriminated by Luther.
The overbearing Pontfex Maximus has never given up his claim, but ”malicious” (Luther) afer the unsuccessful recatholicizaton hidden behind the US-Corporaton (1871)
und EU: Rome in 2017 is far more powerful and more dangerous than in 1517. Luther’s fierce biblic critcism is politcally converted by Bismarck: Civil death (NAME in the
Personnel-ID-Certficate) and the punishment of confiscation of property (compulsory aucton) do not occur. (Prussian Civil Law, Art. 10 [Preuß. Verf. Art. 10 -ed.])
W.I.R want to activate this constitutional law of ours , in order to withdraw OURSELVES from it, the PHONY-fictions of the camoufage-swindle-Trust-Tiara und Co,

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