Allegation: The German Parliament will be disbanded on 22.09. 2017

I have received the following information in an email relayed from a friend, here in Germany, to whom it was originally sent.

If anyone can convey to me, the author of thisWordpress post, further information as to the status of the veracity of this information, or of further corroborating information, I would be most grateful.

Quoted (copied and pasted) from said email:

“This information I have received today. They are currently being verified. Can anyone among you assist with the verification??

Hello —–. information as promised:

1. The German Parliament will be disbanded on 22.09. 2017.

2. Judges and lawyers will be informed by their superiors that soon something will change.

3. As of September one can only withdraw 20 Euros from ATMs and payment traffic will be greatly reduced.

4. There will be after 22.09.2017, at the latest, a military government in Germany to the advantage of the German Volks (people) until, at least, the beginning of 2018 with curfews.

5. Electricity and water, as well as TV, will be occupied by the military to insure that nothing can happen here.

6. The economy in Germany should remain completely uninterrupted.

7. The Euro will continue only until 31.03.2918, afterwards there will be a new currency (gold-mark) ???

8. Facit: People should lay in provisions for a two-month period.

New infos: several hundred Turks, respectively, foreigners, are gathering together in Düsseldorf and trying to occupy and/or close off specific areas of the city.

I, myself, observed on Sunday afternoon Turks carrying longer white crates from a white van into a house. In the same night, the deliveries were continued. The same occurred at the Mosque in the Luxemburger Street in Trier.I reported this to the German Police. They laughed at me and it would be investigated (sic), great huh??

According to the latest news military groups are moving towards Berlin. The American military are supposed to be heavily increased in the coming days.

A priest from Greece, who has died, is supposed to have reported that Erduhgan in Turkey, plans to militarily invade many Greek islands and that Russia will then eradicate Turkey. with (sic) her ships anchor off the coast of Israel and will ignore the ultimatum of the Americans. Afterwards America is supposed to heavily attack Russia.”

Situation: Today 14.08.2017″

~ by affliction-magazinedotcom on August 14, 2017.

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