Red Ice Radio – Sam Dickson – America & Europe: Price of Liberty & Error of Equality – Hour 1

Source: Red Ice Radio – Sam Dickson – America & Europe: Price of Liberty & Error of Equality – Hour 1

Sam Dickson is a Southern historian and a prominent Atlanta attorney who has offered legal counsel to White activists in America. He attended the University of Georgia in the late ’60s and was active in the conservative organizations Young Republicans and Young Americans for Freedom. He graduated from University of Georgia Law School in 1972 and opened his law offices in Atlanta. Dickson is a member of the Council of Conservative Citizens and has given frequent lectures at American Renaissance.

Sam joins us for a discussion about the history of America and Europe and the current state of these civilizations. He begins by talking about the contradictions within the core values of conservatism. We look at the chronology of the birth of the American nation, the character of the European countrymen who left their native communities to build a new country, and the ideology of freedom that was indoctrinated in those who were looking to escape the crown. Sam explains how there was a natural market for libertarian type ideologies to flourish in the original American colonies. He says that Thomas Jefferson’s drafting of the US Declaration of Independence implanted the dogma of inalienable rights of equality and other senseless notions of liberty that go against natural law. We consider the attraction of egalitarianism and the fallacies of libertarianism, and we take stock of the quickly deteriorating liberal agenda that has enjoyed three generations of prosperity and peace.

In the members’ segment, Sam emphasizes the great potential of the working class rising up with a new form of rebellion in response to the replacement level migration occupying all European founded countries. We discuss the driving forces behind the opposition to the rise of Nationalism, and Sam draws comparisons between the leadership styles of intensely loyal minority groups and the psychopathic Western oligarchy currently governing the majority. Sam brings forth the idea of artificial belief clusters that are created to divide any racial communitarians that could be actively promoting self-interests, and he talks about the three main types of propaganda that keep people’s minds shrouded from the negative consequences of multiculturalism and diversity. Sam also talks about making practical investments in self-interests, leading by authoritative example and gets into the passivity that exists within the US when it comes to preserving honor and culture.

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